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The Bickersons was a domestic situation comedy broadcast from 1946 to 1951 on NBC and CBS Radio. Don AMeche and Frances Langford played John and Blanche Bickerson, a married couple who bickered constantly. Danny Thomas portrayed the supporting character Brother Amos. The series was popular, but was seen as an anomaly in the radio because people were accustomed to hearing loving and stable marriages. Indeed, the script writer Philip Rapp shied away from the pervasive sweetness and light in the radio marrieds at the time. As he put it best, Rapp intended to show realistically a different side of marriage "the way he knew it."

The plots deal with the battling couple's fights and disagreements, to which many married couples can relate. The dialogues between the couple are often jaw-droppingly biting and funny, which are the cause of the show's much hilarity.

Most episodes open with Blanche the wife unable to fall asleep due to John's comical snoring. The feuding would then turn into Blanche's complaints and John's scathing rebukes. It's usually John's creative sarcasm that wins the listeners' laughs. Most episodes end without a resolution to the couple's trouble. However, the Bickersons sometimes find a way to make peace with each other at the end of each episode.

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